Jenna’s ability to conceptualize and see consumer trends before they happen help not only her customers, but also your brand. Jenna’s forward-thinking trend forecasting and early adoption enable her to intuitively spot and identify product enhancements and the slight production changes necessary to improve sales and increase product orders. By providing the right feedback during the design process, Jenna can aid in preventing costly production mistakes. A simple design flaw can be averted when producing an item by utilizing Jenna’s knowledge of the fashion market and consumer needs. By seeing your product through the eyes of the buying public, Jenna is able to architect and design a product by offering constructive feedback and valuable suggestions for changes to enhance both sales and products. Her invaluable product development improvements are an easy way to make production and marketing changes that add to your bottom line and market viability.

closet management by jenna doughton persoanl shopper and fashion stylist