Jenna Doughton Voted best persoanl shopper in las vegas

Finding the most sought after iconic pieces that will stand the test of time for each individual client is Jenna’s expertise.  She sorts the racks and pages of fashion finds for the bona fide fashion “It” girls around the globe.  She is able to discern which pieces should make the cut and into each of her client’s personal collections while remaining unabashedly true to their unique fashion voice.  Jenna can be put on retainer to make sure to don’t miss out on anything and bring a treasure trove of goodies to your doorstep and to help with the editing to prevent costly luxury purchase mistakes.  Her clients revel in the fact that they have her on their side making them look effortlessly fashionable.  Many clients also entrust Jenna with managing their “life style” conceptualizing, planning and executing many other aspects of their lives that exude their taste and style.